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Excellent Academy established in year 2013 for conducting computer training & distance education program in Bhilai City. We provide services to the higher education sector - for you as an individual learning and teaching professional. “To alleviate IT awareness to be available to students, beginners, professionals and entrepreneurs using the most simple and individually suitable methodologies. Our faith in the prosperity of local economy has inspired us with our idea of Developing Excellent Academy into Asia’s 1st IT school here in Bhilai. With the abundance of many prestigious educational institutes; Bhilai is considered one of the best cities in India for education purposes. Our aim is not to create more challenging names for students to choose their careers into, but to provide a suitable IT base to fit into any individual’s Resume’.“

Today’s IT situation in a fast paced Indian city is not just entertaining calls, sending SMSs or videos on a trendy 3G handset; on the contrary India is generating some of the best software, web, networking, multimedia professionals appreciated and featured world-wide. Due to the expansion of IT on a massive scale and also due to its compatibility with every other profession, IT has become a “main-stream” profession choice over otherwise existent choices we had grown used to. Acknowledging technology and its usefulness has not only made our complex problems look easier, but it has also given us tremendous amount of opportunities to be a part of the Growth itself. Considering the prospects of IT and the futuristic exponential growth it exhibits, leads us to our Organizational Mission.

Our Vision

Our vision as a group can be described best as “IT enthusiasts with profound interests in sharing knowledge and nurturing productivity”; which led us here to provide a suitable platform for fostering technology and IT awareness. Due to the changes Globalization has created in our society, technology is setting the pace forth for a dynamic multi-dimensional growth of an individual or a whole. Technology/ IT/ Computers have been created for the basic purpose of bringing an upbeat convenience and a healthy inter-connectivity in Human Society. Since the effect of technology is settling new milestones every day, the reflection can be seen through our inter-dependence on the various channels of communicating (cell-phones, computers, web etc.). Be it a fifth grader or a politician ruling a country; we are all connected as an infallible human network through the threads of virtuality. The world’s largest data bank gets close to 30 million hits per second; Small world, exactly!

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We are committed to create quality professionals to meet the emerging industrial and social needs through:

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Excellent Academy offering distance learning programs like Diploma, Under Graduate, Post Graduates:

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South of Steel City(Bhilai), Straight of DPS Chouk, located in Risali, behind Madhuram Restaurent, Near Maitri Children Park, Maitri Nagar, Risali, Bhilai Nagar (C.G.)

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